Ekomille, now the principal actor of a whole line of products, is a device more unique than ever.

Perfect combination of technology and sustainability, allows an ecological rodent control and an optimization of the interventions on the sites thanks to remote control.

Today the line reaches its completeness by making an important step towards the culture of animal welfare protection with the integration of Ekomille CO2 and Ekomille Z, devices integrated with fast and animal friendly suppression systems.

The operation of Ekomille does not require the use of toxic baits and poisons. Using natural food substances as attractants and keeping the carcasses in  the bucket, the device guarantees rodents extermination 100% ecological.


Smart Line

Equipped with an integrated control system that allows you to remotely manage the main functions, is the tool through which pest control professionals can optimize the management of site interventions and the use of resources.

Animal Friendly Line

Ekomille CO2 combines the extraordinary capabilities of Ekomille with a rapid and infallible suppression system that exploits the biocidal potential of  carbon dioxide. With Ekomille CO2 the killing of rodents takes place in a state of unconsciousness and in a period of time less than one minute.

The latest addition to the Eko System family, Ekomille Z has expanded and completed Ekomille’s animal friendly line. Like Ekomille CO2, the Z version of Ekomille responds to the need to protect animal welfare.

Market launch: 2023!

Enter the world of
Ecological Rodent Control​

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