Rodent management
without poisoning the environment and human health

Introduced on the market in 2001, Ekomille offered a great opportunity to the world of Pest Control: to break the mold of tradition and completely rethink the concept of rodent control.

As always happens with excellence, Ekomille quickly obtains a leading role by becoming THE DEVICE with continuous capture for synanthropic rodents PAR EXCELLENCE.


A rodent control system
ecological, hygienic and safe


Use as natural food attractant substances


Catches and holds in tank mice and rats, preventing the dispersal of infected carcasses in the environment


No poisons, substances harmful or dangerous to children and pets not in target

An ambitious scientific project has supported the birth of this device:
without careful observation of the biology and ethology of rodents it would not have been possible to create such a sophisticated device capable of guaranteeing effective results.

With Ekomille it was possible, for the first time:


To offer a service that is safe for health and respectful of the environment

Not requiring the use of toxic baits and poisons, using natural food substances as attractants and keeping the carcasses in the bucket, the device guarantees rodents extermination 100% ecologic.


Significantly reduce the number of inspection on sites

thanks 2 to the integrated multiple capture system


Check the progress of the work of PCOs on rodent 3 management service


Choose, based on the needs of individual customers, to 4 suppress or catch alive and release free the pests in nature

Food and structural priming

Ekomille‘s ability to attract and capture rodents focuses on two fundamental aspects: food
priming and structural priming.

The device, unique of its kind, has 16 bait compartments which make it possible to use a very wide range of natural food attractant.

In this way the attractive capacity is always very high even in conditions of strong food competition. The structural priming is due to the fact that in its upper section Ekomille has been designed to simulate a rodent’s burrow. These characteristics, closely linked to the careful and competence use of the Trained professional, make it possible to manage entire colonies of mice and rats in any environment.

Field of use

Food chain

Outdoor areas


Public areas

The Ekomille capture system, thanks to the non-use of toxic substances and the lack of dispersion of infected carcasses in the environment, can be used with absolute safety, both inside structures (buildings) and in open spaces (outside). Special accessories also guarantee discretion, protection and easy positioning.

Thanks to its ability to guarantee hygiene and safety Ekomille is particularly suitable for rodent control in agro-food and zootechnical companies, in the channel Ho.re.Ca., in tourist facilities and shopping centers, etc.

Ekomille also is able to solve the problem of derattization in hospitals, cities, schools, public buildings and private houses. It can also be successfully used in monitoring mode and validly used in control and/or capture in outdoor environments such as parks, public gardens, markets.

Developed with the aim of responding to the growing and diversified demands of the national and international market, the Ekomille line, which now includes the SMART and ANIMAL FRIENDLY versions, has been the protagonist of an evolution without precedent. In the last year Ekomille RC and Ekomille CO2 were introduced in the market and very soon it will be the time for Ekomille Z.

Real-time control

Feel free from the task of inspections on your sites.
By inserting this device in your Ekomille, you will be notified in real time in case of captures or detections, via email.

With a convenient web app you can check the status of the Ekontrol associated with each Ekomille, check the battery charge, carry out reports and statistics.

If your customers want to check the efficiency of your sites, you can provide them a dedicated access!


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Ecological Rodent Control​

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