Ekomille RC

Device for the continuous capture of pest rodents integrated with a remote control system

Ekomille RC, an upgrade of Ekomille, is equipped with
a remote control system interfaced with a management platform that allows you to monitor and intervene on the equipment from any place or location and at any time.

Ekomille RC
In particular, the system allows you to activate the  capture system, check the machine’s life status and  the battery charge percentage, the vertical status  and impeller jamming. All in real time and with the option of receiving  notifications via email at each capture or passage of the pest.


The device is positioned within the area of interest and activated by placing the switch in ON mode.

In this stage, Ekomille is in monitoring mode, i.e. it gives indication of access to the machine every time a rodent goes to the main manger and feeds on the baits available.

Once the initial phase has been completed and the consumption of baits from the main feeder has been ascertained, through the reports obtained thanks to the management platform, the operator can remotely activate the catches. At this point the bait dispenser device turns into a capture system

The management system is updated in real time both in case of passage and capture.

It allows you to remotely monitor:

  1.  battery status
  2. any jamming of the trapdoor
  3. any overturning of the device

If the function is enabled, send a notification, by mail, for each pass or catch made.

In order to guarantee an even more punctual and precise service, access to the site’s information data can also be provided, at the discretion of the technical director, to end customers. Finally, an effective statistics system allows the extraction of reports on the status of the devices and on the number of surveys carried out per time interval. A further benefit deriving from the use of Ekomille RC is the enhancement of the intervention of the operator who, through the  integrated control system thanks to which it is possible to monitor the results of his work, expresses his technical potential, in terms of image and competence professional.

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Product details

Electromechanical device for the management of pest rodents, integrated with hardware and software system with webserver, for remote control

– Plastics (ABS, PP, PPS)
– Brass
– Stainless and stainless steel
– Electronic components


L 330 x l 440 x H 630 mm


– Rodent control in agri-food companies
– Hospitals & Schools
– Public places
– Outdoor areas in general
– Transformer room and technological rooms
– Sensitive areas


– Rat (Rattus norvegicus)
– Black rat (Rattus rattus)
– Mouse house (Mus musculus domesticus)

  • Zero use of chemicals
  • No dispersion of carcasses
  • Safe for food, non-target animals and children
  • Automatic counting of the captures
  • Able to make alive captures
  • Easy maintenance
  • Odor control function, thanks to the liquid Ekofix 100
  • Hardware + software system that allows to remotely activate and deactivate the capture system and manage all the information without having to go to each station
  • Notification of equipment alarms such as overturning, blocking, connection with the server
  • No software to be installed on the PC
  • Web accessibility from PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones at any time and part of the world
  • Daily battery check
  • Selective access to PCO customers
  • Customizable and exportable graphs in image format to be included in document reports
  • Real-time messaging on device status and captures
  • Data management from the Ekontrol platform, those who already have Ekontrol credentials will also see their Ekomille RC on the portal
  • Natural kit bait Ekofood 100 (code
    APGR03) and shovel (code APG023)
  • Gloves and waste bag

Box 1 pc

Product code



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